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Pogba: 'I was not cocky against Albania'

Pogba was beaten to a cross by Mergim Mavraj as Albania took a surprise lead in the friendly, but Antoine Griezmann salvaged a draw for France in the second half.

The Juventus star said the encounter had taught him plenty.

"I would say it was a good lesson for me, it's true that I was on a roll, and the game against Albania taught me because you have to get down," Pogba said.

"I was not cocky but you never know.

"Against Albania, it was a tough game, the player I was defending on scored, it happens.

"Even to the best, they won't always play good games, and it's a good lesson for me. I know I didn't give my best, I could have done a lot more, it was a day like that.

"I learnt and I hope the next game I'll wake up and I'll give my best and we'll quickly forget this game against Albania."

Griezmann's good finish in the 73rd minute saw France extend their unbeaten run to five matches.

The Atletico Madrid man said he was enjoying his combination with striker Karim Benzema.

"I get along well with Karim off the pitch, we often hang together. And then on the pitch, it's easy to work with Karim, Paul [Pogba], Mathieu [Valbuena] and some other players," Griezmann said.

"We always try to find each other with... passes, I always try to put him in the best situation, and he does the same."