Rodgers: Cup exits could benefit Liverpool

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers believes his side could benefit from not featuring in any cup competitions at the latter end of the season.

Rodgers' men have been eliminated from both the League Cup and the FA Cup while his side failed to qualify for European football last season. 

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has previously commented that it could stand Liverpool in good stead when it comes to challenging for the Premier League.

While Rodgers did not suggest it would help contribute towards a title tilt, he does expect to be beneficial for fitness preparation as well as ensuring players remain focused on one challenge at a time. 

"Ideally we would have more games and be in more competitions but it gives us a chance to make sure that players fitness levels are correct," he said.

"We can taper the week in terms of focusing in on the one game. But for us we are very determined and I have said before it is just about narrowing the focus in onto each and every one of these games and looking to be at out maximum."

Fourth-placed Liverpool, who host Rodgers' former club Swansea City on Sunday, have lost just once at home in the top flight this season - a 1-0 defeat to Southampton in September. 

Rodgers credited the fast-paced starts his side make to games, similar to the one that saw them go 4-0 up on Arsenal after 20 minutes earlier this month, as a big reason for their form at Anfield. 

"Going into every game we've started well. If you align that with the support that we have got, which is remarkable, that's really helped us with this home form," he explained. 

"If you're going to be successful that's going to be vital for you, so we're looking to create that not just for now, but for the future as well."