Seattle Sounders fan gets Celine Dion tattoo on his backside after terrible bet

Matt Oak made a huge mistake to bet on his team not winning a trophy in 2016. 

Before last season, the Sounders had never won an MLS Cup. But rarely are they not in with a shout.

Halfway through the campaign, Seattle looked like they not even make the play-offs. Come December, they won the whole thing.

Soon after the trophy was lifted in Toronto, an online tattoo-funding campaign begun to get Mr Oak the necessary $600.

In February, with the money raised, he got the tattoo on his right buttock done. The evidence can be seen below.

“It was hard to sit down or sleep normal for the first few days,” Oak said after completion. “It’s going to make for a good date story – a good third date story.”

We’re not so sure it will, Matt.

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