Strachan: Celtic can't compete with Hull or Stoke

Well over 200 transfers have already been processed in the UK during the January transfer window, very few of which have involved Scottish clubs, with the astronomical difference in wages either side of the border persuading the majority of players to move to - or refuse to leave - England.

"The market is horrendous," said Strachan. "The English league is killing everything. Everybody wants to go to England.

"You can't get anyone to leave there. I think what will happen eventually is that it will implode and it will get back to reality. Celtic, Rangers and the rest of the Scottish league will come back into play for some players.

"About seven years ago, Celtic were the fifth biggest wage bill in British football. Now we can't compete with Hull or Stoke.

"I spoke to one director of football last week and the wages are incredible. Ordinary players are getting double what our really good players are getting.

"If you want to go to Europe to get players, they all want to go to the Premiership. If you want to get someone from the Premiership, you cannot budge them because of the wages.

"I think West Ham bought somebody yesterday from Brescia for £9 million who scored three goals in a year and a half.

"In England, it will implode and you just wait for the fallout then."

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