Stricken striker Rossi escapes knee surgery

Fiorentina have revealed Giuseppe Rossi will not need surgery on his knee after it was examined in the United States.

Rossi had travelled to Colorado to meet with Professor Richard Steadman, a specialist knee surgeon, and the American doctor believes he could be back training in two months.

Earlier this month, the anterior cruciate ligament in Rossi's right knee was injured following a hard tackle from Livorno's Leandro Rinaudo and fears were the 26-year-old Italian striker would need another reconstruction.

Rossi was out for 18 months after tearing the same ligament in October 2011 and needed three operations before returning to action.

But according to Fiorentina, the same treatment will not be required this time.

"The medical examination carried out on Giuseppe Rossi by professor Richard Steadman a short time ago revealed that the player's knee is showing a good level of stability following his recent injury," read a statement from Fiorentina.

"The striker will proceed with his programme of conservative therapy aimed at facilitating neuromotor recovery over the next two months then undergo further tests before continuing his rehabilitation on the field."

Rossi expressed his relief on his official Facebook page.

"I am morally relieved after the meeting with Professor Steadman," Rossi wrote.

"Now I will have to work as hard as I can in rehabilitation. I'm always by your side. Forza Viola."