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Suarez reveals Messi and Neymar skills jibes

Barcelona striker Luis Suarez admits he is the subject of teasing from Lionel Messi and Neymar when his team-mates pull out the tricks on the training ground.

Suarez will chase the 60th goal of a remarkable season when Barca look to add the Copa del Rey to their Liga title against Europa League-winners Sevilla on Sunday.

Victory would mean back-to-back domestic doubles in the two seasons that the fabled "MSN" forward line have operated in tandem.

But as the most recent arrival of the group and a more direct operator than the playmaking Argentine and Brazilian, Uruguay's Suarez told beIN Sports he often finds himself as the butt of jokes.

"They try to wind me up by telling me just to take two touches, no more," he said. "And if at all possible, just one touch and make sure it’s in the area.

"It doesn't bother me because I already know that. I know my limits. That's why it doesn't offend me, it makes me laugh.

"When Messi and Neymar start with the tricks on the training ground I usually leave so as not to get in the way."