SureMen launches sweepstake promotion

This month SureMen launches the ultimate football sweepstake promotion – SureMen Last 8 Sweepstake – to give football fans the chance to win cold hard cash if their chosen team reaches the final stages in South Africa.

To celebrate the launch of this on-pack promotion, SureMen has teamed up with award-winning model maker Andy Gent to create an incredible Rube Goldberg-style football sweepstake machine. 

The clever machine stars in a jaw-dropping viral video, which football fans across the globe can now watch below.

The must-see viral - expertly captured in a single take - sees an ordinary football making a complex and dangerous journey past a host of landmarks, representing some of the 32 nations competing in South Africa. 

Iconic football references from epic tournaments make subtle appearances throughout the video, as the football knocks over the leaning tower of Pisa, dodges Spanish bulls, and sets Godzilla trampling down a series of skyscrapers.

Andy Gent, the creative genius behind the machine and model maker for box office hits like Fantastic Mr Fox and Tim Burton’s The Corpse Bride, explains: “Creating the SureMen sweepstake machine and filming it in one take was a definite challenge, but we’re really excited by the end result. 

“Rube Goldberg machines are renowned for their complexity, which is what makes them so popular and fun to watch.  We’re hoping football fans everywhere will love this viral in the run up to South Africa.”

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