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Tan confirms Cardiff kit change back to blue

Malaysian businessman Tan, who took over Cardiff in May 2010, sparked outrage when he switched the team's home kit to red in 2012 as part of a rebranding to make the Championship club more appealing in his home country.

Tan has courted controversy throughout his tenure at the Welsh club, and the home fans displayed their continued frustration at the rebrand by boycotting the FA Cup third round tie with Colchester United last Friday, which was attended by a record low crowd of 4,194.

And their efforts have proved successful, with Tan changing heart after a meeting between himself, the club's board and a cross-section of supporters on Thursday.

In a statement on Cardiff's official website, Tan said: "Cardiff City football club is important to me and I wish to see it united and happy. With the guidance, blessing and influence of my mother, I asked my chairman, Mehmet Dalman,  and chief executive officer, Ken Choo, for their advice and to consult with a good cross-section of the fan base.

"My wish is to unite and make the club successful and in order to achieve this I fully support the board's decision to implement the following changes:

"1. Starting from Saturday, 10 January 2015 and until the end of this season, our home kit shall be blue. Our away kit shall be red. I would like to thank the Football League for their approval to facilitate my request.

"2. For the 2015-16 season, Cardiff City's home kit colour shall be Blue. Our away kit colour shall be red. 

"3. The club badge will be redesigned to reflect the dominance of the Bluebird, while celebrating the proud history and heritage of the club. I also wish to incorporate elements representative of my culture and beliefs, which I hope are respected.

"4. As the chairman has explained, the debt to equity resolution is not straightforward. We will deal with this in due course, with all decisions made in the best interest of the club.

"5. For the 2015-16 Season, non-price-freeze season tickets will be reduced and price-freeze season tickets shall be adjusted accordingly to match these prices.

"I very much hope these steps will bring unity, success and happiness to our club."