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Tebas highlights La Liga match-fixing problem

Tebas, who was elected to his role in April, has previously stated a desire to rid the Spanish game of corruption and confirmed in August that 10 fixtures were being investigated by an anti-corruption unit.

However, while attending the Leaders in Football conference in London on Wednesday, he said "many people try to fix many more games than those eight to 10".  

"It sounds easier for players with financial problems to be corrupted but we cannot generalize it," Tebas told the Associated Press

"It happens also with players who earn a lot of money, who are comfortable ... but I am trying to eradicate the black sheep in La Liga.

"If we do not eradicate now, it will become like the Wild West with no laws, no control."

Tebas believes La Liga is taking positive steps to tackle the problem and confirmed he wants to see lifetime bans in place for anyone found guilty.

"We still keep an eye on it, despite being a private institution. We have a few solutions to put into practice. The investigation is in the police's hands and it is with anti-corruption organisations," he continued.

"We cannot say a lot but we are working on it and trying to prevent it from happening again. We have created a department within La Liga to try and avoid this issue.

"We have to modify our disciplinary code and establish sanctions. Lifetime bans for anyone that has changed a sporting result, whether it a player, director, referee or coach. 

"Three-year bans should go to anyone that knows it is going to happen or that it has happened, but not filed a criminal complaint."