Van Persie draws positives from cup exits

Arsenal forward Robin van Persie has drawn positives from Arsenal’s elimination from three cup competitions within the space of two weeks.

The Gunners’ 2-1 defeat to Birmingham in the League Cup Final was followed by successive defeats in the Champions League and FA Cup against Barcelona and Manchester United respectively, leaving them with only the Premier League title to aim for.

Although he admitted that it was not a desired outcome from such a crucial part of their season, the 27-year-old believes the club should move on and focus on challenges ahead.

“It's a real blow that we threw away three trophies within the space of only three weeks. However, we still have another big objective and that's winning the Premier League title,” he said.

Continuing to stress the advantage Arsenal have in being able to solely prioritise on one competiton, Van Persie highlighted that winning the Premier League is not an unrealistic goal.

“We're five points behind Manchester United, but have a game in hand, so we can narrow the gap to two points. It's actually an advantage that we're no longer active in other competitions, so we won't get distracted. We still have everything in our own hands and will do our utmost to win the league title.”

Van Persie reiterated the need for Arsenal to move on and learn from their mistakes. The striker doesn’t feel hard done by and hopes his team have learned from the experience.

“I hope that we learned something from the lost final, but you never know whether you actually did," he said.

"It felt really good when we were 2-1 up against Barcelona, but it was all the more painful that we were eventually eliminated.

“However, this is football and it's still a great sport. I don't feel like our loss was an injustice.”

By Killian Woods