Van Persie slams Chelsea and Barca tactics

Arsenal forward Robin van Persie has launched a stinging verbal tirade against Premier League rivals Chelsea and European champions Barcelona.

The Gunners' top scorer, who is currently on international duty with Holland, claims that Arsenal’s London counterparts should spend less time harassing officials and more time focusing on their own game.

“People who are watching the game on television really do not want to see these kind of things,” he told Dutch TV.

“If you want to witness a lot of complaints, you should go to the bakery or something. There’s always people nagging there as well.

“Chelsea players are always bitching against the referees. I really cannot understand that. Just shut the f**k up and focus on playing football.”

Van Persie took a similary offensive stance against Champions League victors Barcelona, against whom he was sent off in the last-16 stage defeat at the Nou Camp.

“They [Barca players] always go up to referees in an attempt to get an opponent booked,” he added. "They are trying to screw colleagues! That really annoys me.

"The Barcelona players nag about everything that happens on the pitch. I was disappointed with that."

2010 World Cup finalists Holland are gearing up for a friendly with former winners Brazil in South America in a rematch of last year's quarter-final clash in South Africa that the Dutch won 2-1.

By Ben McAleer