Video: Syria's goalkeeper has his own unique way of clearing a football

Syrian goalkeeper Ibrahim Alma produced a very unusual clearance during a friendly against Japan

Instead of producing a conventional clearance with the ball in his hands, Alma thought he could get far more accuracy if he just punched it up in the air. But, in a slight variation from an all-out volleyball serve, he swiped at it with a titanic right hook. Perhaps he has boxing experience.

Impressively, the Al-Ittihad goalkeeper's unorthodox hoof went comfortably beyond the halfway line. And judging by his facial expression, he clearly isn't one for passing it out the back.

Syria took the lead in the friendly shortly after half-time through Mardik Mardikian, but it proved short-lived after Yasuyuki Konno struck back 10 minutes later to ensure the game finished 1-1.

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