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The marker that you can’t shake

Ever wondered just how little ground your full English breakfast-loving Sunday league right-back covers in 90 minutes? Have you fantasised about analysing your own playing data after a fine performance down the park? Would you salivate at the prospect of heat maps for the under-11s team you manage? Step this way.

Until recently, fancy digital tools have been the preserve of professional clubs, with such tech being beyond the average enthusiast. But now, thanks to start-up company FieldWiz, wearable sensor technology is within the grasp of us amateur cloggers.

Combining hardware, software and mobile GPS, FieldWiz allows any team to capture strategic performance metrics.

Worn on the back via a comfy vest, it produces Sky Sports-style heat maps; distance, speed and acceleration figures; and has a replay function so you can rewind and pore over team strategy.

The ability to see movement around the field separates FieldWiz from the competition, says Mathieu Degrange, a coach with the Swiss national team, who is also part of the development team.

“The data gathered is solid, clear and reliable,” he says. “You can analyse, then give necessary instructions to improve an individual or team.”

So what are you waiting for? Get that vest on!

FieldWiz can be ordered now and delivered in May 2015, with a team pack – including 14 devices, docking station and mobile app – costing $3,900 (around £2,500). Visit