How to make a healthy roast dinner

Vegetables (Pick 3)


Nutritional value: Rich in vitamins A and C, they boost the immune system.
How to make: Scrub, clean, top and tail. Chop into batons, boil 5-7 mins.

Calories: 41 per 100g


Nutritional value: Full of fibre, they keep beer bellies at bay by slowing down digestion, keeping you fuller for longer.
How to make: Boil for 2-3 mins in water.
Calories: 81 per 100g

Nutritional value: Full of glutamic acid, which lowers blood pressure.
How to make: Trim stem ends and leaves. Cut into small florets. Rinse and boil/steam for 3-6 mins.
Calories: 34 per 100g

Nutritional value: Contains IC3, an anti-inflammatory that aids recovery.
How to make: Cut off leaves and divide into individual florets. Wash, then boil for 5-10 mins.
Calories: 25 per 100g

Nutritional value: The  vitamin C helps to get you through gruelling games.
How to make: Chop off the root, peel, then slice into chunks. Boil for 15 mins.
Calories: 38 per 100g

Nutritional value: Rich in vitamins A, B and K, which aid muscle growth and energy production.

How to make: Scrub clean and chop into chunks. Boil for 15-20 minutes.

Calories: 75 per 100g


Runner beans
Nutritional value: The magnesium helps cells in your body generate energy.

How to make: Make an incision from top to bottom before boiling. They must still be firm when bitten.

Calories: 31 per 100g



Nutritional value: With 3.9g of fibre per 100g, sprouts promote a healthy digestive system so you don’t feel bloated.

How to make: Boil with some salt for 5-10 mins.

Calories: 43 per 100g


Meat (Pick 1)



Nutritional value: In case you hadn’t heard, this bird is full of protein – essential for helping your weary legs recover after 90 minutes.

How to make: Pre-heat oven to 200°C/gas 6 and cook for 1 hour 20 mins.
Calories: 553 per serving (1.6kg chicken)


Nutritional value: Saturated fat found in beef is essential to maximising male testosterone levels, which aids muscle development and strength.
How to make: Pre-heat oven to 200°C/gas 6 and cook for 1 hour.
Calories: 860 per serving (1.5kg of beef)

Leg of lamb
Nutritional value: Rich in healthy fats and iron, lamb supports optimal muscle function and delivery of nutrients to the blood.

How to make: Pre-heat oven to 200ºC/gas 6 and cook for 1 hour 15 mins.

Calories: 670 per serving (2kg leg of lamb)


Carbs (Pick 1)


Sweet potato mash
Nutritional value: Full of the antioxidant beta-carotene, which will help iron out any post-match stiffness.
How to make: Peel potatoes and boil until tender, then mash with 55g butter. Add additional spices and herbs to taste.
Calories: 135 per 900g serving

New potatoes

Nutritional value: A lean source of micro-nutrients, phosphorus and magnesium – the perfect remedy for tired muscles.

How to make: Rinse and boil potatoes in a pan of lightly salted water for 10 minutes.

Calories: 135 per 180g


Roast potatoes
Nutritional value: White spuds are jacked with vitamin B – this aids the extraction of energy from the rest of the chow on your plate.
How to make: Peel the potatoes and cut into large chunks. Put in a roasting tin and cook on 220C/gas 7 for 1 hour in goose fat.
Calories: 149 calories per 100g

Sides (Pick 2)


Keep it healthy: Sorry, meat lovers, you need to opt for sage and onion stuffing – avoid the sausage meat variety.
Nutritional value: Onions boost your immune system to rally your defence against illness.
Calories: 45 per 40g

Keep it healthy: Put the juices and the fat from the meat you’ve been roasting into a jug. Leave to stand for a few minutes so the fat rises to the surface. Discard the fat.
Nutritional value: It helps replace the sodium lost during 90 minutes of sweating.
Calories: 79 per 100g

Yorkshire pudding 
Keep it healthy: Stick to three simple ingredients – flour, eggs and milk – otherwise the calorie count will creep up.
Nutritional value: Eggs should help you pick out the pass no one else saw. They contain anti-oxidants such as lutein and zeaxanthin that have been linked to improving your vision.
Calories: 54 per pudding

Nutritional information provided by performance nutritionist Ben Coomber. For more visit or

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