Micah Richards: 5 foods I can't live without

The fuel powering Micah Richards' surges from full-back? Chicken, in every form

Elite level athletes follow a strict dietary regime to maximise their potential on the pitch, but like the rest of us they have their secret vices.

For Manchester City’s Micah Richards the lure of his mum’s cooking is too hard to resist, even if she’s a little reluctant to rustle up a Caribbean feast.

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“I’ve got to go for Caribbean dish haven’t I? Jerk chicken, rice, cabbage, steamed veg… wwwooohhhhooo! It’s decent to be fair,” Richards told FFT with a giant grin cracking across his face.

“My mum used to cook, but she doesn’t cook no more. I always say to her, ‘Mum why don’t you cook no more?’”

No matter, the food-loving defender has plenty of other go to options on his ideal menu…

Micah Richards is an ambassador for If U Care Share, a charity that encourages young people to discuss any problems they have. For more information visit www.ifucareshare.co.uk

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