Phil Jones: 5 foods I can't live without

Sssshhh don't tell LVG, but Phil Jones likes to scoff fish and chips and chocolate Aero bars. Did we also mention he hates carrots and beans? Whoops.

1 Meat
“I love meat and thankfully we can eat that before and after a game. Whether it’s chicken, steak or pork, it's all full of protein, which helps with recovery.”

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2 Chips
“ I eat reasonably well and I know how to keep in shape, but being a typical English lad I love chips and you can't beat getting them from chip shop."

3 Pasta
“I love most Italian food, especially spaghetti bolognese. I’ll always have pasta before a match because it's full of carbohydrates, which gives you energy during the game."

4 Sweets
“I’ve got a very bad sweet tooth. I love all kinds of sweets. I'm definitely a sweet person over chocolate, but if I could only have one bar of chocolate for the rest of my life it would have to be an Aero.”

5 Vegetables
“I’m not a fan of carrots and beans or anything like that, but I have to eat vegetables as part of my diet."

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