Jack Wilshere: How to run the midfield

Jack Wilshere gives his tips on carving open the opposition’s defence, while Coerver Coaching’s Alfred Galustian (a man who's regularly worked with Arsene Wenger) provides analysis and advice on how you can play like the 26-year-old.

Demand the ball

Jack: A playmaker should always want to receive the ball. At Arsenal, I was lucky to play with Cesc [Fabregas] when I broke through. He was a dream to play with because he’s always in space and he always finds you when you’re in space, which gives you time to think and play the next pass that will keep the flow of play moving.

Alfred: On average a playmaker will have three seconds to demand, receive and distribute the ball. Only players with a high level of technical ability will be able to execute this with speed and precision.

The Drill:Play like Arsenal: Part One

Awareness gives time and space to play

Jack: Look around when the ball is coming towards you. It helps to know what’s going on around you. Being aware of this allows you to observe how play is developing and to see where to play the next ball.

Alfred: It’s important to be thinking about the next pass before you receive the ball, but it’s essential that your first touch is excellent. It’s not as simple as controlling the ball. It’s about cushioning the ball – you don’t want it under your feet, but at the same time you don’t want it too far out of your feet so that your inviting the opposition to win back possession. Of course this depends on where your markers are and how much space you have around you. Before you receive the ball, think about where you want to take the ball next so that your first touch can guide the ball in the direction you want to head.

The Drill:Master first touch: Part Three

Stay a step ahead

Jack: It’s always important to know what you’re going to do with the ball before it comes to you. Before you’re in possession, you’re already continuously thinking and then when the ball comes to you, you can either play one touch or you can take a touch and play the ball into space.

Alfred: Jack has the essential playmaker qualities – good communication, movement and anticipation. However, crucially you need to build on your technique. You need to be able to manipulate the ball and then make the right choice with your pass. But don’t stand and stare admiring your pass – make sure you’re on the move, looking for the next pass – staying a step ahead of the opposition. Think, two three passes ahead. Playing small sided games will help you master this skill – activating your brain as well as your feet.

The Drill:Play like Arsenal: Part Three

Play to your strengths

Jack: The Arsenal formation suits my style of play perfectly and is a great environment for a playmaker. We have one holding midfielder and two going forward, so I think 4-3-3 is most suitable for facilitating the play of a playmaker.

Alfred: Playing the right system is important, but a good line of communication and understanding is just as crucial. This is not only asking for the ball, but asking at the right time and in the right place. Communication in this context is not only verbal; it can be eye contact or hand signals.

The Drill:Play like Arsenal: Part Two

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