How to keep possession: Be forward-thinking

The first in our eight part series on keeping hold of the ball, courtesy of Arsenal and England midfielder, Jack Wilshere. Lesson one: Be forward thinking

It's analysed every 10 minutes during televised games, used to gauge how well a team are performing and is (supposedly) nine-thenths of the law. Whatever your views on possession, one thing is for sure - it's pretty important.

In any match, both teams will always get the ball - the difficulty is in keeping it.

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Coming through the ranks at Arsenal during the Wenger era, Jack Wilshere has grown up with an unwavering appreciation of possession of the ball; specifically keeping it and using it effectively.

After a breakthrough 09/10 season, Jack Wilshere has become an integral part of the Arsenal and England midfield, combining box-to-box play with intricate footwork to great effect.

Here he talks about the importance of being positive with the ball in order to keep it...

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