Master pass selection

Former Chelsea and Tottenham midfielder Gus Poyet on how to pick the right pass at the right time

Many of the great teams have been built on passing football – whether it’s the tiki-taka made most famous by Barcelona, or pass and move (it’s the Liverpool groove).

But all the best teams don’t just pass for the sake of it, there’s a science behind it. In this video, ex-Chelsea and Uruguay midfielder Gus Poyet explains when to pass and when not to pass, and how to work your way up the pitch and create goalscoring opportunities.

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If you’re in space, don’t feel that you have to pass just because that’s what people tell you to do. Don’t be scared of keeping the ball until a pass is necessary.

Wait until you’re being closed down, then look for the space that has opened up elsewhere and pass the ball to the free man.
Force the opposition to make decisions, move them out of position and exploit the openings. That way you and your team-mates can move forward, and ultimately it may well lead to a goal.

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