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Oscar: Play that killer pass

“I’m seen as one of the imaginative players in my team, but I don’t create enough goals. What’s the secret to playing the killer pass?”
Shaun Logan, via email

Oscar says:

“First of all, it’s crucial to work on all aspects of passing in training so that you’re ready to make the difference in a match.

Training will give you confidence and that’s the key to playing a good pass – never be afraid of making a mistake.

In training, practise lots of short passes with a team-mate; these are effective when you’re in a difficult situation and need to get rid of the ball quickly.

Then you can start working on your long-range passes, striking the ball from one side of the pitch to the other.

Next, start training with more players, re-creating game situations where you’re under pressure and your team-mates are marked.

Play ‘two-touch’ in training to help you think quickly. Learn to think quickly in training and it becomes much easier in a match, especially if you train on a smaller pitch.

Whenever I’m free and in space and waiting to receive the ball I’m thinking of what I’m going to do with it.

When I receive it I’m ready to play the killer pass. Hesitate and you will miss the chance to play it.”

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