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Christian Eriksen: Become your team's playmaker

“My manager has told me I have the talent to be a playmaker but that I’m not creating enough chances. What more can I do?”
Kyle Foad, via Facebook

Christian Eriksen says:

“Creating chances is a lot to do with timing: you have to know when to pull the trigger on a pass. Play at speed, but don’t rush it. Wait until an opportunity presents itself.

“It’s also about confidence. You have to believe in yourself. If the team trusts you, that will fill you with self-belief.

“You have to know when to take risks. If you’re losing then you have to take more risks to try and rescue the result. If the game is tight and you’re protecting a lead you might decide to play more safely – especially if you’re in your own half.

“But if you’re in the opposition half you have freedom to take chances. If you see an opening, regardless of the score, play the pass.

“At Ajax I was taught to always try and play forward. When you turn, turn forward, when you pass, pass forward, but don’t let this jeopardise possession. Make the right decisions on the ball. Consider the score and where you are on the pitch.”

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