Comolli: Psychology for young players

Developing a young player's psychological armoury is like navigating a tightrope.

You want to build their confidence, but you don't want them to believe their own hype. You want them to develop mental toughness, but you don't want to create a monster.

Getting the balance is crucial. Talent will get a player on the pitch, but without the self belief and psychological strength to deal with football's machismo charged environment, they will be devoured by the alpha males.
To help you steer your young players in the right direction, FFT spoke to Liverpool's former director of football, Damien Comolli.

Revered for his track record of identifying young talent, Comolli is an expert in player development, and knows what it takes to meet the psychological demands of football.

For guidance on how to handle your gifted hotshot watch this video with Arsenal's former European scout.

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