Building confidence in young players

Finding it hard to inspire confidence in your burgeoning talents? Let the man who instilled self belief in the likes of Scholes, Giggs and Beckham lend a hand

Even the most talented of players need to be told they're doing well, insists Eric Harrison, the man responsible for moulding the talent of Manchester United legend Paul Scholes.

"When he (Scholes) was a young kid he had a lot of injuries and asthma so we had to leave him out of a lot of games," says Harrison.

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"He didn’t realise how good he was. The time came when he was getting to 17 and I took him to one side and said: 'How do think you’re doing?'

"He said: 'OK'. You never got much out of Scholesy so I said to him, “Well you’re doing better than OK, you’re going to be playing in Manchester United’s first team', and he couldn’t believe it.

"That shows that if a guy like Paul Scholes, who was a genius - born with a sat-nav in his head – if he had to be told, then tell them."

As a coach you want to build confidence not arrogance. For an insight into how Harrison inspired a generation of Manchester United greats, hit that mouse button and press play.

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