Building mental strength in young players

All you need to know on nurturing the mind of a rising star from the man who brought you Fergie's Fledglings

If making the grade was purely based on talent, a lot more players would graduate from elite level academies to the packed out arenas of the professional game.

In reality, reaching the finishing line and signing a pro contract, is just as much about mental strength, as it is a gift from the football gods.

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It's up to coaches and parents to help develop all aspects of a young player's game, including their ability to cope with football's psychological demands.

A man in the know is Eric Harrison - the coach responsible for fostering the talents of David Beckham, Paul Scholes, Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs.

From helping a rising star recover from a poor performance to managing their confidence, Harrison shares his priceless experience with FourFourTwo Performance in this video.

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