Find football near you!

Whether it’s a more organised game of five or eleven-a-side or a simple kickabout, there’s a game waiting for you, around the corner, right now

So what is Just Play? 

Just Play! is about playing football. As simple as that. The FA and Mars, The FA’s Adult Football Partner, have made it easy to turn up and start playing the football that best suits you: whether it’s a good old-fashioned kickabout or a more competitive game. Peter Crouch grew up in Ealing and hopes the scheme will encourage people who have stopped playing to get involved. “I go over to my local park and don’t see as many people playing as I used to. Hopefully schemes like this will change that,” he says.

Just Play! kickabouts

The FA and Mars have created Just Play! for everyone who wants to get out there and have an informal kickabout. If you’re a man or a woman over 16 years, you qualify. Just Play! kickabouts are taking place at dedicated centres across England. Search online for Just Play! – it’s easy to pre-book one near you.

There’s a 5s Centre waiting for you

 If fast, competitive, small-sided football is your thing then you might be ready for five-a-side. Check the ‘5-A-Side’ box in the search facility after you’ve searched online for Just Play! and we’ll give you the contact details of a 5s Centre so you can get in touch with them.

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11-a-side Clubs

Great passing, skilful tackling and the buzz of getting the ball in the back of the net – this is where teamwork and dedication come together to produce football at its best. Search online for Just Play! and click the ‘11-A-Side’ box and the results will list not only the clubs in your area, but the leagues they play in and their contact details. You’ll be able to tell them you’re up for the challenge.

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