Get focused for pre-season

Keep yourself moving before the start of the pre-season grind, advises performance coach Steve Black

Pre-season training is the last thing on your mind when the final whistle blows on another grueling campaign. Mentally you're already on the beach sipping a cocktail, covertly checking out the talent through your shades. 


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But if you take the time to watch this video before packing your suitcase, you’ll return to pre-season ahead of the pack.


You don't have to subject yourself to be a full-blown boot camp, says performance expert Steve Black, just a few dynamic movements for 15 minutes everyday. 


Stick to this and you'll reap the rewards, says Black, who has worked Newcastle United, QPR and Derby County.

"To start with you need to go out onto a piece of grass and move - jog or walk - in all sorts of different directions, with and without the ball," he says. "You need to build that up so when you go back to training you’re body is ready for the hard work. 


"Do this for 12-20 minutes a day, keeping your body loose and familiarising yourself with the ball. You can get a friend involved, or just use a wall, so that everything becomes focused on football. I prefer this kind of work to running for half an hour."


So, are you ready to make this your best season yet? Hit play and let Black guide through his off-season training plan.

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