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Giovani dos Santos: Make the most of your winter break

“Every year our games get called off because of the bad weather and I sit at home putting on weight. How can I stay in shape for the second half of the season?”
Iman Azizul, via Twitter

Giovani dos Santos says:

“We have a two-week break at Christmas and I normally go to Mexico. I’m happy to go home and see family and friends, but if your team is on a good run then the last thing you want is to break that momentum.

It takes a day or two to get over the flights – and then I’ll eat too many tacos on my first day! I love tacos but they’re not the food a professional footballer should be eating so I limit myself to a day in winter and a week in the summer.

I’ll run every day. The club give us heart monitors and a GPS watch so we know exactly what we should be doing. I go to the gym, too, and do upper body weights and runs for stamina.

Before every gym session, I’ll do some cardio work on a bike. I also use a trainer because Christmas can be a complicated time. People are relaxing and think you are there for a good time too – they think I can eat burritos and tacos and drink alcohol, but I can’t.

Our first game back is days after we return so we can’t lose shape. The trainer makes sure I don’t miss anything so I’m ready to return.”

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