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Patrick Vieira: Stay sharp over the summer

“I don’t know what to do with myself now the season’s over. What can I do to ensure I return in good condition?”
Daniel Hadley, via email

Patrick Vieira says:

"Doing nothing for the first part of the off-season is good for the mind and body, because you’re tired physically and mentally. As soon as the season finished I would have 10-15 days of being lazy.

"Diet is crucial because when you’re not training you have to eat less, and sensibly. If you don’t you can return carrying too much weight.

"It’s only during the last 15 days before the start of pre-season that I used to get myself ready with some light running and gym sessions.

"It’s vital to prepare your body for training because you spend a long  time doing nothing and then you’re throwing yourself back into playing.

"Get used to moving around again so when you do return your body is ready to handle the hard work.

"Not only will this improve fitness, it will also help prevent against injury. If your body is not prepared, you’re more likely to pick up an injury."

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