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How to boost your jump height

Trap bar deadlift
This exercise will super charge your hamstrings and glutes, and is safer than using a traditional barbell. “The trap bar makes it easier for you to avoid rounding your lower back, which can cause injury,” says Pepys. “This means you will be able to lift more weight and get bigger gains.”

Split squat
If you want to sprint into the 18-yard box and score towering headers on a regular basis, then you will need impressive single leg strength. “If you are comfortable doing a double leg squat, try this version. This will boost your hamstring and quad strength and improve your ability to leap off one leg.”

Seated box jump
Don’t get comfortable - you are not about to get a nice sit down in the middle of the session. The seated box jump is a power exercise, which focuses on jumping at speed. “This exercise replicates your body position in a match situation when you are jumping for a header and focuses on the landing phase of the movement.”

Broad jump
The next time you jump over an advancing goalkeeper and slot the ball into an empty net, you may have this exercise to thank for doing so. “In football you need to be able to jump horizontally as well as vertically. The focus on this exercise is speed. Jump forwards as fast as possible - do not use any load as that will only slow you down.”

Single leg step-up
If you want to leap up the steps of a stadium to pick up your medal at the end of the season, then get on this nifty move. “Start by placing your right foot on a box or bench and then leap upwards before landing on both feet. Perform five repetitions and then switch legs. This exercise will also help your change of direction.”