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Michael Dawson: How to stop a livewire

"I'm not the quickest defender in the world, Michael. What can I do to compensate for that?"
Jamie Stewart, via Twitter

Michael Dawson says: 

"You try to be as sharp as you can against players like Sergio Aguero and Jermain Defoe. They are very quick and explosive. You’ve got to get in the right positions and try to stay one step ahead.

Always try to stay on your feet. If you go to ground and don’t time it right, you’re in big trouble and out of the game.

Get help from your team-mates. Make sure there’s someone in behind covering, because if it comes down to a one-on-one race, there’s only going to be one winner, isn’t there? It’s as simple as that: whoever is quickest wins.

You have to shepherd strikers like Aguero away from goal and show them onto their weaker foot.

If you’re not built like them, but big and tall, you need to work hard in training to improve your mobility. Your body is what it is, and you’ve got to work with what you have."

Michael Dawson is challenging athletes to take training to the next level #EarnYourArmour@UnderArmourUK

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