Play like Neymar

Incorporate the Brazilian's flair, skill and touch into your play and glide past sliding opponents with the use of these workouts 

Who wouldn’t want to play like Neymar? Barcelona’s buccaneering Brazilian makes even seasoned football fans go weak at the knees with his quick feet and flair.


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And while the rest of us can’t necessarily rock a Mohawk or single-handedly lead a football-mad nation, we can develop the skills that made Neymar who he is.


The winger’s mobility, agility and ability to accelerate, decelerate, change direction and hit the target having come inside from the wing – it all comes with hard work in the gym and on the training ground. These FFT Performance guides can show you how, so get cracking.

The Neymar training guides
Score goals from the wings
Neymar workout
Change direction at speed

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