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PLAYERTEK GPS stats for every player

We all know top teams use GPS to track players’ pitch movements, but what if your team could do the same? Using PLAYERTEK, a revolutionary GPS tracking system available to players at all levels, FourFourTwo kitted out Surrey semi-pro side Laleham FC for their game against Farnborough North End to see how their players compared to the world’s best – and to find out how professional-grade technology can help raise your game. 

Using sensors that record nearly 2,500 movements per second, PLAYERTEK measures 10 main metrics of a player’s performance in training and matches; everything from intensity to speed and distance covered to energy expended.

So, we can see from data collected during Laleham’s 1-0 win that the nine outfield players who lasted the full game covered nearly 9km on average, only 30 per cent less than a seasoned Champions League performer.

While this suggests the team’s base fitness levels are respectable enough, their sprint distances averaged around half of what you would see in a game at the highest level. Something to work on in training, then?

But while managers may use PLAYERTEK to see where their team can improve overall, the stats also prove that no two individuals are the same.

Winger Paul Baker covered the most distance (9.7km) and will no doubt be having a friendly dig at captain Paul Bartholomew for covering the least – but PLAYERTEK is not all about getting one over on your team-mates. As a centre-back, Bartholomew is unlikely to cover every blade of grass, but his sprint distance of 522m was about average for the team, suggesting he went up a gear when necessary.

The volume and intensity of each player’s movements are summarised on the dashboard (above), where heat maps, five-minute breakdown charts and speed graphs reveal further insight and allow you to make comparisons.

By measuring everything about your game, PLAYERTEK lets you set targets and improve your individual and team performance. It’s not just for the pros. 

PLAYERTEK is easy to use. Simply slip the Pod into the pocket on the back of the baselayer garment (above) before each session, be it training or a match, and then use the micro USB cable to sync the device with your Apple Mac or Microsoft Windows computer. Once you have uploaded the data, you can log in using your account details and the data will be there waiting for you.

As well as analysing your own game, PLAYERTEK allows you to compare your game with friends, team-mates and pros, connect with footballers all over the world via PLAYERTEK leagues – you might even make the Team of the Week – and share your performances via social media. A companion app is also available, so you can access your stats on the go via smartphone or tablet.

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