Shoot harder, jump higher, run faster

Put in the legwork and a solid lower body is only a hop, skip and jump away

The drill: Base level reactive jumps

What you: need Four cones

Phase one: Set up four cones in a small square 50cm apart. Stand in front of the cones and jump into the square, then jump left out of it, back in, then right out of it, back in, before jumping forward out of the square, sprint ahead five yards and jog back to your starting position. Keep your feet together for all the jumps, and complete three sets.

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Phase two: From in front of the cones, jump into the square, before jumping left out of square, landing on your left leg and then sprinting forward five yards. Jog around back to your starting point and complete two more sets of this phase.

Phase three: Repeat phase two, but this time jump out of the right side, landing on your right leg. Complete three sets.

How it helps: The dynamic moves involved will improve your quickness off the mark, add extra oomph to your shooting and have you soaring above your opponents. The single leg jumps will enhance your standing stability, giving you a stronger base, making you harder to push off the ball.

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