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VIDEO: Charlie Austin’s shooting drill: How to score from crosses

How do I set this drill up?

Position two mannequins (or passive defenders) inside the penalty box and four midfielders on the outside.  


How do I do this drill?

One of the servers in central midfield starts with the ball and plays a pass into your feet. You control it, play it back and make a run into the box. As you make your run the server passes out wide to another server who whips the ball into the box for you to attack. You must run dart between the mannequins and convert the cross. This drill must be played at a high tempo to replicate match speed. Make sure your passes are played with pace and precision and your movements are sharp and explosive.


How will this drill help?

It will improve combination play between you and your midfielders and enhance the understanding you have with your winger. The drill challenges you to think about the timing of your run and selection of finish.  


What are the key coaching points?

When you receive the first pass from the central server get your body between the ball and the defender to keep it safe. Then, as you make your run, move away from where the ball is travelling – i.e. if the pass is going out wide to the right, bend your run to the left so you’re out of the defender’s line of sight and on the move when attacking the ball. Explode between the two defenders and time your run so you’re meeting the ball between the penalty spot and 6 yard box. Make sure you’re vocal and calling for the ball to help the winger pick you out.  


Charlie Austin’s pro tips

Look disinterested to the defender at the start of the drill and then come alive as the ball goes out wide. If the cross is coming in from the right, run to the top left hand corner of the penalty box so you can sprint between the two centre backs without them tracking your movement. Judge the flight of the ball to help calculate the timing of your run. 

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