17 July 2018
It’s over for another four years – yet while we’ll all remember France winning and Southgate roaring – all of this seems a lifetime ago already
Sergio Ramos, Mo Salah
29 May 2018
According to the pros, Ramos's move on the Egyptian favourite in Saturday's Champions League final would be outlawed in their martial art
Pique Champions League goals
10 April 2018
Gerard Pique became the top-scoring stopper in Champions League history last week, so we’ve picked out some more of the most prolific players who started at the back
26 March 2018
Not the face! From leg-break warnings to a L-O-V-E of weapons: Greg Lea runs down 10 of the worst tattoos football has ever seen
12 March 2018
“... so he went to the bathroom for a moment,” Zinedine Zidane revealed to reporters after his side's 2-1 win at the weekend
Sergio Ramos Seat 600
9 March 2018
Not exactly what you might expect one of the highest-profile players in football to drive...
1 February 2018
From Ramos to Robben, Adam Washbrook looks at the fiendish players who did the crime then didn’t do the time – since they totally fooled the officials
4 January 2018
Find out which stoppers come up trumps from our annual list of the 100 best football players in the world
14 December 2017
Detractors come in their hordes when you're considered Mr. Real Madrid – but Ramos has never been shy to face them. With knife between teeth, Madrid's double-winning skipper is the embodiment of his all-conquering club


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