9 April 2008
"Michael Chopra was the biggest joker at Cardiff...always messing about with people’s kits and hiding their boots."
1 April 2008
"I’ve never had the tune from Ossie’s Dream as the ringtone on my phone."
6 March 2008
"I scored 11 goals during a school game once, but I was still subbed with 20 minutes to go..."
6 March 2008
"I’d travel up in the helicopter on the Monday, stay all week and fly back on the weekend..."
1 February 2008
"I dreamed about being a dwarf"
31 January 2008
“I’m a more intelligent footballer now”
1 October 2007
"He was a complete loony in the dressing room – I had to have him in my squad"
1 October 2006
"Everybody talks about Pele but this guy was out of this world"
1 May 2006
Arsenal have been annoying Spurs for years: they’ve moved in on their turf, stolen their captain, imitated their style and even managed to get them relegated. For the May 2006 FourFourTwo magazine, Mat Snow investigated the rivalry – with a little balancing help from a Gooner or two...
1 September 2005
"I reckon Sir Alex Ferguson would have taken me by the balls. Just like Vinnie"


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