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How much do Women's Super League tickets cost?

Women's Super League tickets
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Unlike the Premier League, Women's Super League tickets tend to be relatively cheap and easy to get hold of. Sides will rarely, if ever, charge more than £10 for a ticket and there tends to be a variety of discounted ticket options available.

Most Women's Super League clubs play at small grounds which will often allow you to buy tickets at the door too. However, these tickets on the door will often cost a little bit more so it can be better to buy them in advance.  

Season tickets in the Women's Super League are also very cheap with clubs tending to charge around £40. Some teams like Chelsea have sold out their season tickets, but they are still on sale for many other sides in the league. 

Arsenal and West Ham have the most expensive Women's Super League tickets with both selling their adult tickets for £12. For Arsenal, that rises to £15 if you are buying on the day. 

Brighton, meanwhile, offer one of the cheapest Women's Super League tickets, with prices for adults being as low as £4 depending on what game you are going to and where in the ground you sit. 

Almost all of the WSL clubs offer children's tickets for around half the price of an adult's ticket.

Women's Super League ticket prices

  • Arsenal - £12 adults, £6 children
  • Aston Villa - £10 adults, £7.50 children
  • Birmingham City - £7 adults, £4 children
  • Brighton - £4 - 7 adults, £3.50 - 2 children
  • Chelsea - £9 adults, £1 children
  • Everton - £8 adults, £4 children
  • Leicester City - £7 adults, £3.50 children
  • Manchester City - £10 adults, £4 children
  • Manchester United - £6 adults, £3 children
  • Reading - £10 adults, £5 children
  • Tottenham - £6.50 adults, £3.50 children
  • West Ham - £12 adults, £5 children