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Kenwyne Jones bunks off Stoke training to play football

Back of the Net's John Foster with shock news from the Potteries

Stoke City forward Kenwyne Jones has been spending less and less time in training, according to reports from the Britannia Stadium, frequently choosing to spend his time playing football instead.

Jones, a keen sportsman from a young age, says he likes the release that football gives him from the tedious grind of his day job as a striker for Stoke City.

âÂÂI really enjoy playing football, especially the technical side â you know, ball control, passing, that sort of thing,â Jones told FourFourTwo.

âÂÂBut sadly my boss looks down on all that, so I have to be pretty careful in case he finds out about it.âÂÂ

The 27-year-old admitted that sometimes his thoughts stray to football when heâÂÂs meant to be concentrating on other things.

âÂÂThe other day, when I was working the channels, I noticed some Manchester United players having a game of football behind me. They seemed to be having a really good time, so I stopped and watched them for a while. It was beautiful.

âÂÂBut then Mr Pulis screamed at me to get stuck in, so of course I had to forget about football for a while.âÂÂ

Jones also revealed that his family had urged him to consider making a career out of football, but he wasnâÂÂt convinced it would be right for him.

âÂÂItâÂÂs tempting, and IâÂÂve thought about it a lot in the past, but my whole life is here now. Besides, I know my job is a bit rubbish, but someoneâÂÂs got to do it. Who else is going to rough up the centre-backs and win those flick-ons? Diego Arismendi? I donâÂÂt think so.âÂÂ

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