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Where to live stream every single World Cup game – wherever you are in the world

Live stream World Cup

Stand back from that copy of the Radio Times and bookmark this page. If you’re wondering which combination of Lineker, Shearer and Ferdinand or Pougatch, Dixon and Keane are going to be picking over the bones of England vs Belgium (or, for that matter, Morocco vs Iran) then look no further.

Below is a comprehensive list of the channels and times of each match if you’re in the UK – either from the comfort of your own TV or via the BBC iPlayer or ITV Hub apps on your smartphone or tablet.

If you find yourself abroad on your summer jollies while the World Cup’s on (what were you thinking?!) but are craving that familiar old UK commentary and coverage, there’s an easy way to do exactly that.

Download and install a VPN (Virtual Private Network) – ExpressVPN (opens in new tab) is among the best and offers a 30-day money back guarantee – log in and select a UK location, then head to which has a free and – crucially, legal – stream from both channels.

*Head here and download ExpressVPN to (opens in new tab)live (opens in new tab)stream all of the World Cup 2018 action (opens in new tab)*

Thursday 14 June

Russia vs Saudi Arabia (Group A) - Moscow (Luzhniki) - 4pm - ITV

Friday 15 June

Egypt vs Uruguay (Group A) - Ekaterinburg - 1pm - BBC

Morocco vs Iran (Group B) - St Petersburg - 4pm - ITV

Portugal vs Spain (Group B) - Sochi - 7pm - BBC

Saturday 16 June

France vs Australia (Group C) - Kazan - 11am - BBC

Argentina vs Iceland (Group D) - Moscow (Spartak) - 2pm - ITV

Peru vs Denmark (Group C) - Saransk - 5pm - BBC

Croatia vs Nigeria (Group D) - Kaliningrad - 8pm - ITV

Sunday 17 June

Costa Rica vs Serbia (Group E) - Samara - 1pm - ITV

Germany vs Mexico (Group F) - Moscow (Luzhniki) - 4pm - BBC

Brazil vs Switzerland (Group E) - Rostov-on-Don - 7pm - ITV

Monday 18 June

Sweden vs South Korea (Group F) - Nizhny Novgorod - 1pm - ITV

Belgium vs Panama (Group G) - Sochi - 4pm - BBC

Tunisia vs England (Group G) - Volgograd - 7pm - BBC

Tuesday 19 June

Colombia vs Japan (Group H) - Saransk - 1pm - BBC

Poland vs Senegal (Group H) - Moscow (Spartak) - 4pm - ITV

Russia vs Egypt (Group A) - St Petersburg - 7pm - BBC

Wednesday 20 June

Portugal vs Morocco (Group B) - Moscow (Luzhniki) - 1pm - BBC

Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia (Group A) - Rostov-on-Don - 4pm - BBC

Iran vs Spain (Group B) - Kazan - 7pm - ITV

Thursday 21 June

Denmark vs Australia (Group C) - Samara - 1pm - ITV

France vs Peru (Group C) - Ekaterinburg - 4pm - ITV

Argentina vs Croatia (Group D) - Nizhny Novgorod - 7pm - BBC

Friday 22 June

Brazil vs Costa Rica (Group E) - St Petersburg - 1pm - ITV

Nigeria vs Iceland (Group D) - Volgograd - 4pm - BBC

Serbia vs Switzerland (Group E) - Kaliningrad - 7pm - BBC

Saturday 23 June

Belgium vs Tunisia (Group G) - Moscow (Spartak) - 1pm - BBC

South Korea vs Mexico (Group F) - Rostov-on-Don - 4pm - ITV

Germany v Sweden (Group F) - Sochi - 7pm - ITV

Sunday 24 June

England vs Panama (Group G) - Nizhny Novgorod - 1pm - BBC

Japan vs Senegal (Group H) - Ekaterinburg - 4pm - BBC

Poland vs Colombia (Group H) - Kazan - 7pm - ITV

Monday 25 June

Uruguay vs Russia (Group A) - Samara - 3pm - ITV

Saudi Arabia vs Egypt (Group A) - Volgograd - 3pm - ITV

Spain vs Morocco (Group B) - Kaliningrad - 7pm- BBC

Iran vs Portugal (Group B) - Saransk - 7pm - BBC

Tuesday 26 June

Denmark vs France (Group C) - Moscow (Luzhniki) - 3pm - ITV

Australia vs Peru (Group C) - Sochi - 3pm - ITV

Nigeria vs Argentina (Group D) - St Petersburg - 7pm - BBC

Iceland vs Croatia (Group D) - Rostov-on-Don - 7pm - BBC

Wednesday 27 June

South Korea vs Germany (Group F) - Kazan - 3pm - BBC

Mexico vs Sweden (Group F) - Ekaterinburg - 3pm - BBC

Serbia vs Brazil (Group E) - Moscow (Spartak) - 7pm - ITV

Switzerland vs Costa Rica (Group E) - Nizhny Novgorod - 7pm - ITV

Thursday 28 June

Japan vs Poland (Group H) - Volgograd - 3pm - BBC

Senegal vs Colombia (Group H) - Samara - 3pm - BBC

England vs Belgium (Group G) - Kaliningrad - 7pm - ITV

Panama vs Tunisia (Group G) - Saransk - 7pm - ITV

Saturday 30 June

Group C winner vs Group D runner-up - Kazan, 3pm - ITV

Group A winner vs Group B runner-up - Sochi, 7pm - ITV

Sunday 1 July

Group B winner vs Group A runner-up - Moscow (Luzhniki), 3pm - BBC

Group D winner vs Group C runner-up - Nizhny Novgorod, 7pm - ITV

Monday 2 July

Group E winner vs Group F runner-up - Samara, 3pm - BBC

Group G winner vs Group H runner-up - Rostov-on-Don, 7pm - BBC

Tuesday 3 July

Group F winner vs Group E runner-up - St Petersburg 3pm - ITV

Group H winner vs Group G runner-up - Moscow (Spartak), 7pm - BBC

Friday 6 July

Quarter-final one - Nizhny Novgorod, 3pm - BBC

Quarter-final two - Kazan, 7pm - BBC

Saturday 7 July

Quarter-final three - Samara, 3pm - ITV

Quarter-final four - Sochi, 7pm - ITV

Tuesday 10 July

Semi-final one - St Petersburg, 7pm - ITV

Wednesday 11 July

Semi-final two - Moscow (Luzhniki), 7pm - BBC

Saturday 14 July

Third place play-off - St Petersburg, 3pm - ITV

Sunday 15 July

Final - Moscow (Luzhniki), 4pm – BBC and ITV

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