FourFourTwo was launched in 1994 on the back of a World Cup that England hadn’t even qualified for. It was an act of madness… but it somehow worked out.

Two decades on, FourFourTwo is the world’s biggest football magazine, published in 17 markets, with a digital portfolio that includes an iPad and iPhone magazine app, a website offering advice on playing the game better - and this, our global website.

Our mission is to offer our intelligent, international audience access to the game’s biggest names, insightful analysis, and a bit of a giggle. We unashamedly love this game and we hope that our coverage reflects that.

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Editor Hitesh Ratna
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Art editor Anthony Moore
Deputy art editor Tom Chase
Staff writer Andrew Murray
Staff writer Chris Flanagan
Chief sub editor Gregg Davies
Junior picture editor Tom Clazie Flynn
Head of video Ben Welch
Performance writer Alec Fenn
FourFourTwo videographer Jalal Ali
FourFourTwo videographer Ulisses Neto
Global digital editor Gary Parkinson
UK digital editor Joe Brewin
Digital features editor Alex Reid
Social media editor Harriet Drudge
Social media apprentice Hunter Godson

Global brand director Andy Jackson
Business director Claire Griffiths
Brand executive Ben Clark

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