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28 November 2017
Major League Soccer's next two expansion teams will be in either Cincinnati, Detroit, Nashville or Sacramento. Then what?
Courtesy of SF Deltas/NASL
16 November 2017
For all the bullish talk of American soccer's growth, recent events have a depressingly familiar feel to them.
10 November 2017
This year's USL and NASL championship finals feature three of the top coaches in D2. So why are they still in D2?
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports
10 November 2017
For some, the NASL's off-field drama is a soccer sideshow. But for the likes of Richie Ryan, livelihoods are on the line.
Photo: NASL
31 October 2017
Much of the attention on the NASL remains off the field. On it, these seven players have earned a shot to try to prove themselves with an MLS team.
P Largo/Panoramic
19 October 2017
RFK has witnessed many memorable moments in American soccer. Here are our favorite games on East Capitol Street.
18 October 2017
Discovered by the Germans in 1904, they named it ...
12 October 2017
The NASL is alleging a conspiracy. U.S. Soccer is trying to get that complaint thrown out of court.
11 October 2017
The U.S. hasn't missed out on a World Cup since 1985. Here's how the American soccer landscape compares, then and now.
27 September 2017
You saw our list for the best crests. Now here come the worst...


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