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Defending and openness worries for Scolari

Scolari was left fuming after a training session on Sunday, which had been planned as a day off for his squad.

He was unwilling to divulge details after the session, but did so a day later – pointing out 'poor defending' and the openness in his team's play.

Scolari said it was the worst he had seen Brazil since their 2-1 loss to England at Wembley in February last year.

"We have planned for this first week for a long time and have achieved everything we set out to achieve in the first week. We strictly followed our schedule in all departments," he said.

"I wasn't expecting a training day on Sunday but we managed to fit in a session but it wasn't our best work.

"It was poor defending and there were far too many spaces all over the pitch. We haven't played that badly since England defeated us last year.

"We have to keep improving because we must not forget we are only one week away from the start of the World Cup."

Scolari is eagerly awaiting Brazil's tournament opener against Croatia on June 12, as much as he would love an additional week of training.

"As a coach, I also want another training week to prepare the players, but I think honestly speaking, deep inside I want the 12th June to come around as quick as possible," he said.

"I want to play the opening match against Croatia today, it feels like it is time already.

"We can't stop thinking about what is wrong and what is right with our team and the tension. We have to give it our all and do the best we can, that's what I am living now."