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"Enjoyed it more than Salah's" – Ex-Liverpool striker makes bizarre claim about Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang's goal against Watford

Speaking on Alan Brazil's talkSPORT show, Saunders stirred the pot by claiming that Aubameyang's chase down on Ben Foster – which ended up in the net – was better than Mohamed Salah's long-range stunner against Chelsea.

Aubameyang's bizarre finish took Arsenal back into the top four, while Salah's corker helped keep Liverpool's title hopes alive.

Saunders claimed that he enjoyed the Gabonese striker's effort more as a former striker, declaring that Aubameyang "made a goal out of absolutely nothing" and that it was refreshing to see a modern striker "chase down a lost cause".

(Even) Brazil seemed to laugh off Saunders's claim, but the ex-Liverpool and Aston Villa man was deadly serious. 

"This is going to sound stupid... but [Aubameyang's] goal of the season for me," he declared. 

“You look at Salah’s goal and you think ‘how could that be better?’

“Personally for me, as a striker and coaching strikers I enjoyed that more than Salah’s goal." 

He's not wrong about the first bit, at least. 


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