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FIFA will not pursue action over face paint

Pictures emerged on social media sites of sections of fans wearing white shirts with 'Ghana' written on them while having their faces daubed in make-up during Saturday's 2-2 draw in Fortaleza.

With the alleged actions prompting accusations of racist overtones, FIFA confirmed on Sunday they would look into the situation.

However, football's govering body said on Tuesday there was "no legal or factual element" to necessitate disciplinary proceedings being put in motion. 

"After analysis of the matter, the chairman of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee has considered that there is no legal or factual element justifying the opening of disciplinary proceedings," a FIFA spokesperson told Perform. 

"FIFA abhors any insulting or discriminatory behaviour displayed by any person within the game of football. 

"FIFA strongly appeals to all fans, teams and officials to uphold the principles of fair play and to take part in football in a spirit of unity, respect and equality.

"We continue to encourage people to submit any evidence in their possession with regard to insulting or discriminatory behaviour, or any improper conduct, for the analysis and consideration of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee."