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Game of Thrones spoiler alert: Thierry Henry and Gary Neville join the Night's Watch

After years of being warned that winter is coming, the long night has indeed finally arrived in Westeros, at roughly the same time as the 2017-18 Premier League campaign, which is the only season to have received even bigger billing on subscription television networks.

While the King in the North, Jon Snow, seeks to secure an alliance with Daenerys Targaryen, Samwell Tarly, played by actor John Bradley-West, has excused himself from his duties studying to become a Maester to recruit two new members of the Night's Watch, none other than Thierry Henry and Gary Neville, ahead of Manchester United's home game against West Ham.

The ex-Arsenal and Barcelona star, and former Manchester United and England defender have become well acquainted with life in front of the camera after hanging up their boots. 

It remains to be seen how they would cope when confronted with the Night King and his army of the dead. 

Neville, at least, should be okay, because we'd rather face a White Walker than Fergie's hairdryer treatment any day of the week. 

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