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Kasper Schmeichel stepping out of Peter's shadow in fairytale year - Laudrup

Leicester City's fairytale season is seeing Kasper Schmeichel step out of the shadow of his famous father Peter, according to Brian Laudrup.

Laudrup, who played alongside Peter with Denmark and won the European championship in 1992, believes Kasper has been a crucial part of the success Claudio Ranieri's side have enjoyed this season as they sit top of the Premier League. 

The former Bayern Munich and Rangers player hopes Leicester can finish the job in the title race and record what he believes will be the biggest footballing upset in a quarter of a century. 

"I think with Kasper Schmeichel he is maybe enjoying the form of his life," Laudrup told Omnisport.

"He realised a number of years ago that he was going to walk in his father's footsteps. Not many would have liked to see that because I think they would have felt that would be too much of a burden on his shoulders to be compared all the time with his dad - one of the most famous goalkeepers in the world - but he did it. 

"Now he is getting to a stage in his career where he is actually walking out of his shadow and I hope this season Leicester could go all the way and produce maybe the biggest upset since 1992 with Denmark – we are talking that big - a team that most so-called experts were expecting to be in the relegation zone and now they are going all the way. It is an incredible story. 

"In the era of so much money in the Premier League with all the big teams, it is more or less every season you say top four will be Arsenal, United, City, Chelsea, but it is not like that this season and that is a fairytale. For Kasper to be involved is incredible."

Laudrup thinks Kasper does share some of the qualities Peter had and feels he may earn himself a big move in the future. 

"He is still quite young for a goalkeeper and could play another 10 years," Laudrup said of the 29-year-old. "I know he will be successful and hope he will be with Leicester. Who knows, he could move on from there and play for an even bigger club – I hope so.

"He has certainly got the charisma like his dad, maybe not as big - he is certainly a more calm influence on his team, Peter was always yelling and shouting but Kasper is different. He is very good one-on-one like Peter was. He is very quick and has great feet – better than his dad because he has been training with his feet for most of his career, although maybe not as good when he is coming out of his goal. 

"I think Ranieri will be very focused on keeping this squad and group together and keeping them as relaxed as possible. He is very calm, not telling his players we will win this – it's very simple advice, a game at a time. If you do that, maybe two months from now they could lift the trophy. 

"They have shown now that they are capable even against the biggest sides in the Premier League."