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Luis Suarez reveals he really wanted to join Arsenal - because they could guarantee something Liverpool couldn't

Luis Suarez
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Atletico Madrid striker and former Liverpool hero Luis Suarez has been opening up about why he wanted to join Arsenal back in 2014.

The Uruguayan striker was subject of an infamous £40m and a pound bid from the Gunners, following the club triggering Liverpool's release clause. The Reds turned down the bid, leaving Suarez at the club and with Arsenal turning to other targets.

Now, Suarez has revealed just how close he came to playing under Arsene Wenger - and why he was so keen to move to north London.

"I think I'd been at Liverpool for a year and a half when Brendan [Rodgers] took charge in July 2012," he said to

"Back then, I had opportunities to sign for other clubs who were getting in contact with me, but he phoned me when I was in Uruguay on holiday, to tell me that he had another way of thinking, that he wanted to change the club and its philosophy, that he wanted the club to get back in the Champions League and fight to win big trophies, that he was going to make the team play great football.

"He asked me to believe and trust him. I enjoyed that chat. I liked his conviction, the philosophy he wanted to implement at the club, so I talked to my agent and the club to say that I didn't want to leave, that I wanted another opportunity to be successful at Liverpool.

"That year wasn't as good as we wanted, but ideas were already pretty clear. So then the 2012/13 season goes by, and I wanted to sign for Arsenal, since Arsenal had played in the Champions League every season prior to that."

The comments from Suarez are sure to amuse and annoy some fans, looking at the two clubs' fortunes since. While Liverpool have reached two Champions League finals under Jurgen Klopp, winning one, Arsenal have not enjoyed the same successes. 

Arsenal managed to stay in the Champions League for two decades under Wenger, qualifying for the group stage consistently - but following the club dropping into the Europa League in 2017, Arsenal haven't qualified for the competition since.

Liverpool take on Atletico Madrid at Anfield in the Champions League on Wednesday. 

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