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Wenger rules out Terry offer and fires warning to Chelsea

Arsene Wenger has ruled out making any attempt to sign John Terry and has warned Chelsea of the dangers of losing one of their dressing-room leaders.

The former England captain announced on Sunday that he is set to leave Stamford Bridge when his contract expires at the end of the season, though the club later stressed they could yet negotiate a new deal.

Wenger says Terry's leadership qualities have impressed him throughout the 35-year-old's career and, while he will not attempt to bring him to the Emirates Stadium, he has suggested his departure could destabilise the Premier League champions' squad.

Asked if he would try to sign Terry, Wenger told the media: "No. He's at the end of his career. If he wants to play for longer I'm sure he'd play for Chelsea."

He continued: "The problem for the players is that it stops very early in your life. You lose that passion and you have to refocus on something, and it's nearly impossible.

"I'm confronted with many generations of players who have that problem after that career.

"I believe he was not only a great player, certainly still is, but was a great coach on the pitch as well. A real leader. A see a coaching career in the future.

"He's had a great career, and that's never a coincidence. The guys who last a long time have something special. He was a symbol of cohesion inside Chelsea. When you lose players like that you're always in danger."