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Puma Tricks boot launch

When FFT started its Sunday League career (stop sniggering) white boots were like a red rag to the oppo's ankle-snapper.


Now white boots are the new black boots. You can even lace up a pair of brightly coloured slippers and run onto the pitch without so much as a, "You better be good", threat. 


But wearing a pair of dual coloured boots, one brighter than a workman's hi-vis jacket, the other pinker than a sunburnt Brit on holiday, requires a whole new level of nerve. Luckily, FFT has the cojones to pull them off, and we did just that at the launch of Puma's new Tricks boot.


Testing our skills in series of challenges, we put the boots through a thorough road test. Watch the video above as we give our verdict on what will surely be the loudest footwear on show at major tournaments this summer.


The new PUMA Tricks evoPOWER 1.3, evoSPEED SL and evoSPEED 1.5 along with the Tricks evoTRG apparel, ball and evoPOWER gloves are available to purchase online at