Alex Morgan: Train yourself two-footed

Use these drill from Olympic gold medalist Alex Morgan to perfect your technique with both feet

"He's on £100k a week and can't kick with both feet!" is a common moan from the stands. That same fan then runs out on a Sunday morning, struggles to kick with either foot and pays the gaffer for the pleasure.

Why are there so few footballers who are good with both pegs? Lack of practise. It's easier to follow your natural instinct. But imagine if you had two working weapons? Imagine if you were able to strike the ball with power and accuracy no matter what foot you used?

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Defenders wouldn't know which way you were going to turn. Goalkeepers would be left guessing. There would be no scrambling to get the ball back on your stronger foot. You could hit a pass or cross without hesitation.

So, how are you going to learn to use both feet effectively? By tuning into this drill from Alex Morgan, star striker for the United States women's national team.

As a goalscorer Morgan needs to be deadly with either foot when she's in the box. She can't afford to dither when defenders are closing in.

This simple drill has helped hone her technique with both feet. Fancy giving it a go? Hit play and find out how.

Morgan has teamed up with Fivestar training to design a training app full of one-of-a-kind training sessions that you can do yourself. For more visit Fivestar Training's YouTube channel.

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